Occupational Therapy

Why is licensure important?

Professional licensure assures the consumer of services that the professional has been vetted and has met the requirements of their profession.  An active license in good standing indicates that the professional has demonstrated the knowledge, skill and abilities to perform their services and has agreed to abide by the laws and regulations governing their profession.  A regulatory agency is responsible for vetting all applicant qualifications, issuing licenses, holding all licensees accountable to the laws governing that profession, investigating consumer complaints and sharing valuable information to protect the public and their health and safety.  By using licensed professionals, the consumer is assured that regulation is there for their protection.

Purpose of Licensure:

  • Protect the public
  • Limit license to qualified individuals
  • Ensure ongoing competence and high standards of practice
  • Sanction violations of standards of professional conduct
  • Serve best interest of both the public and the profession